Avenger UGV

The Avenger bomb disposal robot by Med-Eng, thanks to its integration capabilities, is a leap forward in EOD robotics design. It can fulfill missions generally carried out by larger robots.

It is simple to operate using a lightweight portable command console.
It is supplied with a wireless communication system and an emergency cable in standard mode, making it ideal for use in EOD/C-IED operations.

The Avenger was designed as a complete digital network using an onboard computer with considerable processing power to manage all current integration requirements (digital X-Ray equipment, a wide range of third-party detectors/sensors).
This makes the Avenger UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) the go-to platform for CBRN or HAZMAT missions.

It can be optimized with the BOOM arm that allows it to rotate complete 360°, to mount some accessories and to change the position and direction of any payload fitted. This arm can be equipped with a colour HD camera with autofocus and image stabilization functionality.

Avenger UGV and BOOM arm
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