Cover for APO-Televid

The Cordura carrying cover, equipped with a strap, efficiently protects your LEICA APO-Televid spotting scope, but the latter remains available at all times.

Thanks to a closing system with special cut-outs for the lens, eyepiece, setting knob and tripod securing adapter, the spotting scope remains permanently protected in the cover, even when carried on the tripod.

For longer transportation, the carrying strap can be fixed to the spotting scope’s case. To prevent the carrying strap from swinging in the wind, it can be easily taken off again.

The covers for the front lens, eyepiece and focusing barrel are made of robust Cordura nylon. The eyepiece and front lens are the most exposed parts of the spotting scope. Thanks to the Cordura covers, they are protected against impacts, and scratches from rough terrain.

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