DroneGun MKIII

DroneShield‘s DroneGun MKIII is a compact, lightweight UAS countermeasure solution against a wide range of UAS models.

Designed for one hand operation, it is capable of intercepting and disrupting the control and navigation of multiple drones simultaneously. The product features a robust compact pistol shaped design with a control panel user interface, allowing operators to select and engage RF disruption frequency modes.

When disruption is triggered, UAS (e.g. drone) will typically respond via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or return back to the operator controller or starting point. RF disruption activation will also interfere with any live video streaming (FPV) back to the remote controller halting the collection of video footage and intelligence by the UAS operator.

With a startup time of less than 3 seconds, the device has excellent battery life and can neutralize drones up to 1000 meters away.

In order to optimize the response to aerial threats, the use of the DroneGun MKIII can be preceded by the RfPatrol detector, which will detect and identify drones.

DroneGun MKIII
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