DFR-10 (Combifire CF2) Wired and Remote Initiator

The DFR-10 Combifire CF2 is a dual-use exploder: hard-wired (1 firing line) and radio-controlled exploder (10 groups from 1 to 100 receivers). It enables FAE AS4 receivers and ZAE and EWE initiators to be programmed or to conduct direct firings.

Programming allows a time delay between initiation of different groups. Manages 10 groups, each able to control up to 100 AS4 receivers.
This model has a power of 14.5 joules.

DynITEC initiation systems can be actuated directly or programmed. In all cases, the transmission quality and hardening of the equipment are well suited for use in various theatres of operations.

Initiator DFR-10 (Combifire CF2)
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