Rocket Wrench CSL 50 Cal RW

The 3rd generation Cal RW defusing rocket wrench by CLS features a more robust design and the capability for enhanced torque thanks to a set of two rocket tubes.

The rocket tubes, breech plugs, Venturi butterfly valves, swivelling end pieces, roller jaws and clamping screws are manufactured in tempered stainless steel thereby eliminating rust and corrosion in the long term.

The jaw frames are manufactured in tempered aircraft grade aluminium to reduce weight. The weight has been reduced as much as possible: 400 g less than current wrenches.

– In the format with 2 tubes, the wrench is lighter and more ridged than the current models in service, thereby enhancing the initial snatch torque
– The model with 4 tubes (optional x 2 additional tubes) gives the ability to double the thrust and torque when dealing with extremely tight or rusted in fuzes.

Rocket Wrench CSL 50 Cal RW
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