Geovid HD-R rangefinder binoculars

Top-of-the-range rangefinding binoculars by Leica, the Geovid HD-R features a precise rangefinder and maximum optical performance. In order to ensure that they are simple-to-operate, the ballistics functions and menu have been reduced to the essentials.

A compact, lightweight body and an outstanding ergonomic bridge shape ensure admirable and intuitive ease of use. In its overall concept, the Geovid HD-R stands for a revolution in rangefinding.

Its impressive light intensity, image quality and its large exit pupil makes it ideal to be used at dusk and in low-light situations.

What is unique about these rangefinding binoculars are their supreme optical performance of the patented Perger Porro prism system, the optimised ergonomically designed bridge and additional integration of an extremely powerful laser rangefinder, calculating both the distance and the equivalent horizontal range – even at distances of up to 1.825 m/2000 yds.

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