Accessories for Legs and Feet

Spartan’s full range of accessories for legs and feet for support systems is designed to add new functionalities to Spartan’s bipods and tripods. It consist of :

Tripod Leg Sets:

3 lengths of leg sets are available to buy separately, allowing the sentinel to be used in different scenarios: Woodland, Mountain and Mini.
The weight of carbon-fiber is about 60% that of aluminum.
Leg top sections are machined to thread easily and securely into the head unit of the system. This component is also CNC machined in from high quality 7075-T7351 aluminum billet

Leg Extensions Kits:

Made from carbon Fiber leg extensions for the Javelin and Spartan 300 bipods.
These extensions will give added stability and height when you are in long grass, heather or crops.
The extensions also add clearance for rifles with larger capacity magazines.
4 sizes to choose from: 20cm (7.8″), 30cm (11.8″), 40cm (15.7″) and 50cm (19.6″) sold as pairs.
Weights per pair are: 20cm – 70g, 30cm – 80g, 40cm – 90g and 50cm – 100g.
Easy-to-use, you just have to remove the lower leg section from your existing bipod and replace with the length of your choice.

Tripod Kit Bag:

This bag is designed to carry your Sentinel tripod (mountain only) with additional space for a Javelin bipod and accessories.
It is constructed from neoprene and leather it will keep your shooting tools safe and tidy, available in black and beige with black shoulder strap and quick release clasps.

Replacement Feet – Longer thread (Pack of 3):

Set of three replacement feet designed to attach to your Javelin and Spartan 300 bipod or Sentinel tripod, and the longer thread ensures that the feet will not become loose during use.
This replacement feet feature tungsten carbide tips.

Claw Feet – Pack of 3:

Designed to fit to the Bipod and Sentinel range adding extra grip and support in wet or muddy conditions.

Snow baskets:

A great addition to the trekking poles or tripod systems for snow or soft ground, sold as pairs.

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