MAWL-DA™ laser pointer

The MAWL-DA™ is a new generation modular green laser aiming device. It can also produce an invisible laser when combined with an IR illuminator for individual or crew-served weapons. Operational from 0 to 400 metres under adverse weather conditions.

Designed by BE Meyers, it is an innovative, compact and lightweight product with intuitive and ergonomic operating modes. It offers all the functions available on a laser designator / illuminator, but with improved performances.

Its unique features are its ergonomics and its low profile, which allow unhindered use of the weapon sights.

Even without the offset control, the system can still be operated using either hand (ambidextrous).

It is now compatible with the new MAWL EndCap 2 (EC2), allowing for an easy battery switching.

MAWL-DA™ laser pointer
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