Accessories for Mount and Head

Spartan offers a several mount and head accessories for its support systems.

Spartan Sucker Mount:

The new Spartan Sucker Mount is an extremely flexible and adaptable system adding a new dimension to the Spartan product range.
The heavy duty suction mount is designed to attach to the body of a vehicle, providing a stable shooting platform when making shots from awkward angles
It also includes a Spartan Wiener swivel head which has a specially shaped head, allowing quick and easy attachment to the Spartan adapters.

Quick Shot Adapter:

The Quick Shot Adapter functions like a traditional gun rest allowing you to take aim quickly from a standing or kneeling position.
It made from tactile rubber and magnetised for easy fitting to the Sentinel carbon fibre tripod.

Sentinel Pan Head Converter:

The Sentinel Pan Head Converter uses a 1/4″ or 3/8″ thread allowing you to connect your Camera directly onto the Sentinel or attach your existing pan-head creating an ultra lightweight tripod system (Pan head not included).

Retrofit Javelin Bipod Locking Lever:

This small but effective retrofit upgrade to your existing thumbnut will make locking the cant block a simple process.

Sentinel Tripod Hook:

The hook for the Sentinel tripod is made from titanium and stainless steel so it’s incredibly strong, using the hook to hang your backpack on and give the tripod even greater stability.
It can also carry a load up to about 40kg.

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