Other Sentinel Accessories

Sentinel tripods can also be used in trekking poles configurations and for Spartan tents armature.

— Spartan’s trekking poles are very strong, yet lightweight, sold per unit in two different sizes: Mountain and Woodland.
The smaller Mountain length is 137cm (53.9″) fully extended and 64cm (24.8″) closed, weighing 363g.
The Woodland version is 178cm (70″) fully extended 81cm (31.8″) closed, weighing 404g.

They have a foam handle for a comfortable grip and are fitted with a rubber boot which covers a removable tungsten tip for ice and rock. The tip removal allows for additional accessories to be attached.

— Using the Sentinel tripod as the frame for Spartan’s tents adds even more functionality and a new dimension to the Sentinel system.
Designed to fit one person but can fit two, with a gear storage area/entrance to protect your equipements from the elements without taking wet and muddy kit inside the tent.

Spartan Green Tent:

Weighing only 880g (31.04oz) – excluding Sentinel, the Green Tent is made of 10D Nylon covered with Silicone for a size of 37x13cm with a deployment time of 3min.
It also features Inner pockets, a mesh door and open vented system, heavily reducing condensation levels.

Spartan Carbonlite :

Weighing only 550g (19.40oz) – excluding Sentinel, the Carbonlite Tent is made from Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) which has many advantages over conventional tent materials.
DCF doesn’t absorb significant amounts of water making the tent easier to pack away after use. The construction of the DCF prevents the material from stretching and sagging which will allow the tent to stay taut during use.

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