Sentinel Tripod

Spartan’s Sentinel rifle and optics support system has been specifically designed to provide a stable mounting system for a broad range of rifles.

Exists in 3 models:
– Woodland (highest length)
– Mountain (medium length)
– Mini (shortest length)

Calling the Sentinel a tripod completely understates its versatility as a complete shooting system, and compliments the existing Spartan bipod range.

Key features:
– The world patented Spartan magnetic attachment system is designed to facilitate the instant fitting and removal of the rifle to or from system, without tools.
– It is capable of being configured in field conditions as a tripod, bipod or monopod for rifle use.
– It can also be instantly adapted to allow the mounting of spotting scopes, cameras, thermal imaging, night vision, anemometers and other devices.
– The unique design enables an attached rifle to traverse through a full 360-degree arc, whilst remaining very firmly attached to the head unit.
– This design also allows an attached rifle a wide range of elevation and depression for real world shooting situations. A high degree of rifle cant is also facilitated using the innovative swivel head design, for where a level surface is difficult to achieve.

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