Gatecrasher Modular Breaching Charge

Used as an alternative to the Gatecrasher™ Mk4, Alford’s Gatecrasher™ Modular is a breaching charge used to breach walls or other solid structures.

It is available in two models, one of which is equipped with a water-tamped breaching charge and the other with a liner cutting charge. It can be scaled up or down depending upon the size of the target. The charge is supplied with a Tactical Sleeve which can be rolled up for quick and easy transportation.

The water-tamped breaching charges by Alford are designed to provide outstanding performance with a minimum amount of explosive charge. This water-tamped charge ensures targeted projection and low fragmentation to protect the operator. These charges are used for breaching operations and to create penetration openings.

Gatecrasher™ Modular Breaching Charge
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