KIJI K1 Laser Illuminator

B.E. Meyers‘ KIJI K1 laser illuminator provides powerful, clear and consistent laser illumination.

The devices are paired with an external flip-over diffuser to quickly increase the divergence angle of the beam. The head of the KIJI K1 laser device is compatible with most aftermarket CR123 300 series light bodies and related compatible endcaps. This compatibility allows the KIJI to be versatile for handheld, helmet, weapon and vehicle use.

Being a laser-based IR illuminator means the KIJI’s beams can illuminate at much greater distances compared to IR LED flashlights (approximately 800 m depending on conditions) and have significantly less red-glow signature.

The illuminator is available in two models :

  • KIJI K1 3° producing a 3° or 10° beam (150W)
  • KIJI K1 10° producing a 10° or 40° beam (350W)
KIJI K1 Laser Illuminator - 3°
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