MAWL-ER Laser Pointer

B.E. Meyers‘ MAWL®-ER is a modular and Class 3B multi-function laser illuminator/aiming device. A high-power variant of the MAWL®-DA, its infrared illuminators provide greater capability at a distance or in over-lit conditions.

The MAWL®-ER incorporates a suite of NIR illuminator and pointer pre-sets, which are easily identified on the device’s buttons. The user interface is designed for intuitive operation. The NIR illumination of the MAWL®-ER is suitable for CQB operations, as well as precision rifles applications. The MAWL®-ER is available in two variants :

  • Precision Rifle (PR) : designed to accompany weapon systems utilizing clip-on night-vision devices. It offers settings for use from 50 to 1000+ meters (ambient conditions dependent) in addition to the basic settings.
  • Crew-Served Weapon : designed for use on crew-served or vehicle mounted machine gun platforms. The settings are optimized for long-distance and/or wide area engagement out to 1000+ meters, with additional options for use in shorter-range urban environments.
MAWL-ER Laser Pointer
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