Pelicase and Peli-Storm Protective Cases

Unbreakable, undeformable, unalterable, unsinkable and rot-proof, the Peli protective cases are designed to be used in the most hostile and humid environments.

Waterproof, mobile and indestructible, the Pelicase and Peli-Storm cases are the best protection for your equipment during transport:

  • Their shell with multiple protective reinforcements as well as the resistance of the material allow in case of impact a uniform dispersion and an optimal absorption of the impact, thus safeguarding your equipment contained inside the case.
  • The hinge pins, closures and handles are made of stainless steel.
  • The automatic air pressure balancing valve, which allows air but not water to pass through, makes it easy to open the case after changes in air pressure while keeping the case fully sealed (IP67 for almost all models).

These cases have proven their worth in extreme environments to transport and store equipment without damaging it. They are resistant to shocks, scratches and attacks from most chemicals.

Many sizes, colors and options are available to customize the Pelicase and Peli-Storm protective cases.

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