Alford Technologies’ patented Vulcan™ model is a highly versatile 30mm shaped neutralization charge. Modular and user-filled, it is in service worldwide.

Used as a tool for producing low-order disruption of target munitions, the Vulcan™ has a nearly 100% success rate; therefore giving confidence to operators in urban or sensitive environments. Small and lightweight, it requires a very low NEQ for the performance it delivers.

The basic Vulcan™ kit includes 10 charges and can be completed by accessories for underwater use.

Also exists as VCLMS™ model:
Based on the highly successful Vulcan™, the VCLMS™ (Vulcan™ Counter Limpet Mine System) is a user-filled modular shaped charge system used against underwater threats, including unexploded ordnance.

Vulcan™ Charge
Vulcan™ Counter Limpet Mine System (VCLMS™)
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