Avenger 2.0 UGV and BOOM Arm

ICP NewTech‘s Avenger 2.0 UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) combines strength, speed, precision and mobility in a new generation mine clearance robot. It offers many technical capabilities and has a low centre of gravity makes it extremely stable. It is simple to operate using a lightweight portable command console.

For its missions, it can deploy recoilless and certain recoil disruptors, CBRNe sensors and X-Ray equipment downrange with full connectivity to the operator, giving a clearer understanding of multiple threats.

The Avenger 2.0 provides many features and greater performances, compared with its predecessor Avenger.

It can be optimized with the BOOM arm that allows it to rotate complete 360°, to mount some accessories and to change the position and direction of any payload fitted. This arm can be equipped with a color HD camera with autofocus and image stabilization functionality.

Avenger 2.0 UGV and BOOM Arm
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