N/CU100T Blasting Machine

ZEB’s N/CU100T is a portable unit suitable for the ignition of electric detonators. It is the most powerful N-Series electromechanical blasting machine, it is the civilian version of the NATO VA15 model.

N-Series blasting machines of ZEB are mainly consisting of an electromechanical generator, a capacitor, a crank, a releasing device and an integrated function tester.

By turning the crank handle the generator produces a high voltage. The generated energy is stored in a capacitor.

This is the most powerful exploder of the N series.

The N/CU100T exploder is rainproof. Outer parts such as driving axle, ignition button and terminals are made from stainless steel for an optimum protection against corrosion. The housing is made from aluminium die casting.

Voltage of capacitor (approx.): 1160 V, Absolute maximum of load resistance : 810 Ohm

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