EOD-10E Bomb Suit and Helmet

The EOD-10E (Electronic) Suit and Helmet is the latest generation of Med-Eng’s EOD Ensemble.

The EOD-10E offers a strong evolution in terms of protection, ergonomics and flexibility as well as in terms of its equipment:
– Lighter, more comfortable and mobile
– A redesigned helmet for improved comfort, adjustment, user protection and enhanced interaction with the environment
– New cooling system allowing the user to remain focused and alert for a greater period of time
– Electronics: the helmet features a built-in voice-controlled system and several lighting modes with adjustable brightness

It remains compatible with hard-wired and radio communication systems, as well as with CBRN protection (activated carbon undersuit, SCBA mask, etc.).

EOD-10E Bomb Suit and Helmet
EOD-10E accessories
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