FAST FTC (Flip-To-Center) Magnifier Mounts

Unity Tactical‘s FAST™ FTC magnifier mounts employ a simple force-to-overcome mechanism, stowing the magnifier below the optical sight plane and completely within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver when not in use.

  • FAST™ FTC 30MM : it can be mounted in either direction on the rail, allowing left or right-handed FTC motion and quick detach. Compatible with most magnifiers with a 30mm body.
  • FAST™ FTC OMNI : this magnifier mount works with a variety of popular magnifiers from various manufacturers, such as EOTECH®, VORTEX®, TRIJICON® and SIG SAUER®.
  • FAST™ FTC PA : this mount was designed for the Primary Arms® MicroMagnifier.
FAST FTC (Flip-To-Center) Magnifier Mounts
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