Fuse Extractor n°8 Mk4

This EOD tool is designed for the manual removal of a range of UXO nose and tail fuses. It is particularly useful in situations where an explosive atmosphere (ATEX) makes it unsafe to use a propellant driven Rocket Wrench.

The device consists of a jaw clamp and a cable operated hammer which are attached to the fuse as a unit. The jaw clamp firmly grips the fuse, while the cable allows the operator to action a rotating hammer at a distance of 100m.

As a more versatile version than the Mk3, the Mk4 allows the operator to quickly change the direction from which the cable is pulled, without having to rewind the cable drum.

In addition, an optional side-pocket fuse adapter kit can be used to unscrew certain types of side-pocket fuse.

Fuse Extractor n°8 Mk4
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