MAWL-CLAD Laser Pointer

B.E. Meyers‘ MAWL®-CLAD is a hybrid IR aiming and illumination laser system for individual weapons offering out-of-band SWIR capability (1064 nm marker) in conjunction with the full NIR functionality of the MAWL®-DA-P.

It has the same ergonomics as the MAWL®-DA-P, but is only used in the non-visible range.

It can illuminate an intersection at approximately 80 m using its SWIR pointer (1064 nm marker) and in correlation with a UTC sensor.

It is equipped with the same laser and IR illuminator (860 nm) characteristics as the MAWL®-DA-P. It becomes interchangeable with the MAWL®-DA-P by simply switching out the head, without dismantling the body from the weapon.


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MAWL-CLAD Laser Pointer
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