MAWL-CLAD Laser Pointer

B.E. Meyers’ MAWL™-CLAD is a hybrid IR aiming and illumination laser system for individual weapons offering out-of-band SWIR capability (1064 nm marker) in conjunction with the full NIR functionality of the MAWL-DA-P.

The MAWL™-CLAD by BE Meyers has the same ergonomics as the MAWL™-DA-P, but is only used in the non-visible range.

It can illuminate an intersection at approximately 80 m using its SWIR pointer (1064 nm marker) and in correlation with a UTC sensor.

It is equipped with the same laser and IR illuminator (860 nm) characteristics as the MAWL™-DA-P. It becomes interchangeable with the MAWL™-DA-P by simply switching out the head, without dismantling the body from the weapon.

B.E. Meyers’ new EC2 (EndCap 2) is an updated, improved end cap component for the MAWL system. It features toolless battery removal and increases the MAWL’s modularity.

This threaded battery cap solution is compatible with every variant of the MAWL series and is designed to be finger tightened, eliminating the need for tools when changing batteries, and further simplifying the process by remaining attached to the MAWL Body.

Furthermore, the redesigned geometry of the EC2 moves the remote fire ports to the top of the EndCap and spaces them apart. This facilitates quick access when the MAWL is mounted to a rifle. The extended spacing also provides additional clearance for any other wiring or accessories mounted to the platform.


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MAWL™-CLAD Laser Pointer
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