MV4 – C-IED Robotic System

The conventional mine clearance version of the MV4 by DOK-ING is fitted with flails which have undergone several modifications to make it a quintessential robotised counter-IED device. It is designed to clear anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance and is survivable to all types of anti-tank mines.

Its hydraulic arm, over 5m in length, can lift a load of up to 400 kg owing to a gripper claw with an opening width of 1.24 m. It is also equipped with 2 x 40mm disruptors capable of neutralizing a suspect device up to 30m away. It is radio-controlled by a single person up to a visual distance of 1,500m.

Its reduced dimensions and weight (3.10m long, 1.53m wide, 1.51m high, 5 tonnes for the basic machine) allow it to be carried by transport helicopter, cargo aircraft, trucks, and standard containers (maritime transport). Once in place, it is operational within just a few minutes.

Robotic System - MV4 - C-IED
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