Complete Firing Line by ShockTube

The complete firing line (LMFC) is designed to initiate all types of explosive in situations where electrical initiation is inadvisable or prohibited.

Each ensemble consists of a mechanical initiator, the shock tube which transmits the shock wave at 2100 m/s and the pyrotechnic detonator crimped to the tube.

The range includes the following versions:
– LMFC 15m (CT version)
– LMFC 30m (CT version)
– LMFC 50m (plastic reel version)

This new Compact and Tactical (CT) system having the appearance and size of a grenade, allows for simplified transport in jackets or garments during operations.
Users must strictly apply the safety, use, transport and storage instructions specific to the country of use.

Complete Firing Line by ShockTube
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