Package and Parcel Bomb Disruptors AlphaMod

AlphaMod™ of Alford is a compact, lightweight and low NEQ powerful assault IED disruptor, wich incorporates high-performance water shaped charge technology.

Intended for rapid manual deployment, it can also be deployed by ROV singularly or as a multiple array for various target IEDs. Its application is rapid and secure thanks to various accessories.

The low NEQ enables the disruptor to be used in confined spaces without creating significant overpressure. AlphaMod™ uses patented technology to produce a blade-like jet of water using sheet explosive or detonating cord as the propellant and water as the projectile.

In cases where the target is in a hard-to-reach location, there is a MOD Charge Mount, wich allows various methods of emplacement, such as magnet, tripod, screw and Breacher’s Tape.

Package and Parcel Bomb Disruptors AlphaMod
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