PERCEPT Body Camera

Ionodes‘s PERCEPT body camera is a complete loT-connected multi-sensor device with two microphones and a speaker for two-way communication.

Connectivity options via 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi networks allows for live remote access to the camera for alert notifications, live streaming and remote control.

It can be used during entire work shifts (+12h) without compromise thanks to its optimised power consumption.

Every video frame includes watermarked metadata (in the form of a QR Code) such as GNSS position, wearer ID and motion information. A 9-axis motion sensor captures real-time orientation and acceleration of the camera, allowing for accurate image stabilization.

This rugged open platform unit is ONVIF compliant and has various functions for on-board recording to secure flash storage as well as automated upload to on-premise or cloud-based VMS (Video Management System) solutions.

Shock, water and dust resistant, PERCEPT can operate in harsh conditions thanks to its IP67 rating.