Pulsed X-Ray Generators

Pulsed X-Ray generators by Golden Engineering. Lightweight and rugged, they have proven themselves in the field.

Several devices are available, each with a different max output level for penetrating materials of different densities :

  • The XR150-20V is ideal for applications requiring extreme portability.
  • The XRS3-20V is designed for applications that require a compact device
  • The XRS4-20V’s penetration force is higher than the XRS3-20V, enabling it to penetrate more than 1.5’’ (3.8 cm) of steel.


NF C74-100 certifications under SCOPEX responsibility.

Combined with portable X-Ray systems.

Pulsed X-Ray Generators - XR150-20V
Pulsed X-Ray Generators - XRS3-20V
Pulsed X-Ray Generators - XRS4-20V
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