RAMT Air Delivery Solution

Onyx ‘s RAMT is an innovative, modular and fully customizable design that allows the airdrop of complet inflatable watercraft, including engine, fuel, and inflation system enclosed in one delivery.

This system allows operators to rapidly deploy inflatable watercraft after landing or amphibious landing.It can be deployed in multiple air delivery configurations to include tethered tandem, conventional, or guided parachute systems. Thanks to its design, the RAMT is buoyant, shock-absorbing and reusable.

To deploy any type and size of field equipment the operator may need, the RAMT comes in two diameter variations, 34’’ (86 cm) and 40’’ (102 cm), as well as two carriage length variations, compact and long. The RAMT-40 and the RAMT-34 are identical in design except for the diameter of the end cap and the width of the frame of the wheel carriage.

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