SEMTEX® RAZOR Product Range

The SEMTEX® RAZOR by Munitique is a flexible, linear shaped charge placed in a multi-purpose bed of foamed, black colored polyethylene, fitted on its bottom side with a self-adhesive layer with protective foil.

The charge has a characteristic profile in the shape of inverted “V” and consists of cumulative liner of brown-red color, the layer of explosive usually usually of white or green color and sealing layer of brown-red color.

In accordance with the Montreal Convention, the RAZOR contains additive of 2.3-dimethyl 2.3- dinitrobutane (DMNB) as a marking agent.

RAZOR 6F, 10F, 15F, 20F, 25F, 30F and 40F versions are available for different cutting depths.
They are delivered in 1 m lengths and up to 2 m on request.

SEMTEX® RAZOR Product Range
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