THALAMUS Autonomous Safety Robot

Glocal Robotics‘s THALAMUS™ is an intelligent autonomous safety robot designed to perform intrusion detection during automated rounds on large sensitive sites. Its modular architecture allows it to perform industrial security missions at the same time.

Designed and manufactured in France, THALAMUS™ is a 100% electric safety robot whose role is both to perform intrusion detection and to identify anomalies (heat, smoke, leaks, holes, etc.) in infrastructures.

It operates autonomously with obstacle avoidance. It can also  sent to a GPS coordinate or precisely piloted in case of visual verification or emergency intervention.

Thanks to its visible camera, its LiDAR and itsinfrared camera, the robot is efficient in all light conditions and can perform surveillance missions day and night.

THALAMUS™ integrates an AI for intrusion detection with advanced learning and configuration capabilities to recognize objects, read license plates, perform facial identification when authorized, etc.

Proud to have participated in its development, SCOPEX is the official distributor in France and in the Maghreb countries.

THALAMUS Autonomous Surveillance Robot
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