VIP and VIP IR Positioning Lights

Multi-purpose, compact signaling and identification beacons. VIP™ and VIP™ IR Positioning Lights by Adventure Tactical can be secured to any type of support (chest rigs or MOLLE attachments).

The VIP™ is the pinnacle of emergency, identification and safety lighting. It has proven that it can withstand extreme environmental conditions on all types of terrain (desert, mountains, underwater, etc.)

– Night visibility over 180° up to a distance of 4 to 16km, depending on the conditions and the number of LEDs (up to 30km for the IR model)
– Up to 400 hours of autonomy, depending on the mode used (IT, steady, flashing, etc.)
– Field-tested since 1994
– The mode selector can be operated even while wearing gloves
– Available in different modes (programmable or not) and in different colors

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