VMF4 Metal Detector

The VMF4 combines mechanical durability, intuitive operation and maximum detection sensitivity. It is ideal for both humanitarian demining and military battle area clearance (BAC). This applies to all soils and shallow waters in a wide variety of conditions. It demonstrates its exceptional capabilities in the detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in particular.

The VMF4 offering a total of 5 detection modes and a special UXO mode for rejection of small objects.

Available with differents seach coils :

  • VS20 and VS25 (detection of objets with low metal content)
  • UXO VS30 and VS60 (finding submunitions)
  • Stick probe VSP4 (searching metal parts in areas that are difficult to access)


The VMF4, VMC4 and VMH4 detectors range uses the same software.

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