XLP Robotic System

The XLP mechanical demining model, manufactured by DOK-ING, features remarkable performance characteristics and is compact in size. Radio-controlled by a single operator, it can work alone in terrain polluted by munitions or suspect devices.

Its extra-low profile (84 cm high) allows it to operate in reduced and confined spaces, on the surface and in tunnels.

Its 3-litre diesel engine gives it a high level of operating power and an autonomy of several hours. Its travelling speed is 5 km/h.

In mountainous areas, it can work in gradients of up to 30°. It is extremely stable, its weight of 4 tonnes is distributed across the length of the vehicle (2.70 m long and 1.38 m wide).

Various tools are available as options: loading buckets, a bulldozer blade, a rotational gripper and a sweeper.

Robotic System - XLP
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