Avenger LT UGV

Lighter and more compact than the Avenger 2.0, this medium-sized UGV can be easily transported without a heavy vehicle. Its robust design and ease of use allow for rapid deployment.

Med-Eng‘s Avenger LT is compatible with any array of options and accessories in order to allow operators to perform a variety of remote interventions:

  • EOD
  • Public safety bomb disposal (C-IED)
  • CBRNe and HazMat operations
  • Tactical operations

The robot combines strength and speed into a compact, highly mobile, tactical response ground robot. It can deploy recoilless and certain full recoil disruptors.

It can also deploy CBRNe sensors and X-Ray equipment downrange with full connectivity to the operator, giving a clearer understanding of multiple threats.

It is equipped with a manipulator arm with 6 axes of rotation (DoF), predefined positioning and a 3D avatar on the control station screen.

Avenger LT UGV
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