RfPatrol MKII Detection Device

DroneShield‘s RfPatrol MKII is a highly versatile, wearable UAS detection and identification device with improved durability, size and functionality.

Highly effective in a range of demanding environments, the device offers the user real situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. RfPatrol MKII has been designed to be highly effective for a variety of operators in a range of demanding environments and features advanced technology:

  • Detection range up to 1 km in urban areas and up to 4 km in rural areas
  • Detection time of less than 5 seconds
  • Autonomy of more than 10 hours in continuous operation

The RfPatrol MKII can be worn, deployed on the ground or in a vehicle.
Its use can be completed by the use of the DroneGun MKIII, which will then neutralize the aerial threats.

RfPatrol MKII Detection Device
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